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Monday, November 24, 2008

long long time since i've bloged...

its been long since i blogged.. reason is because i too many things to do adi! training lar.. play lar.. dota lar..and much much more... today oso just simply write something oni cause late adi then my mum ask me sleep jor....... T-T

i wan t watch madagascar 2 but din have the chance.. dunno when oni will free to watch leh.. haih.. it should be nice right? those who watch it comments pls.. cause i oso want to make sure its worth it to go watch.. if not if its not nice then i wait got dvd then i oni buy lur~

Pet Society=kokain... will get adicted de.. dunno wat game lai de.. like tat oso can make me got abit addicted tim.. haih.. cant get the jumping rope gold trophy leh.. so hard man.. the ball and the frezepee wan oso not tat hard... today i bought a bed cost 2000 dollars leh.. once i buy adi i left 13 dollars oni .. sudenly become poor adi.. but nvm.. vivian C. left 5 dollars oni hahahahaha

k la.. busy adi.. byes

Saturday, November 15, 2008

boring holidays occuring~

1st of all do not go to care4 of sri petaling... it is the most boring place i have ever been. Even buying an ice cream is hard.. I've got these boring expierience last friday.. damn it was super boring.. *the only fun place in tat whole damn thing is the arcade.. there is whr me clement and gareth went the most.

2nd do nt sleep late more than 3-4 times in a row.. it will make u the afternoon.. the pass few nights i've been sleeping late.. so tired leh.. and then today morning tat time feel so dizzy and tired.. next week still got so many sessions of hard training dunno can survive it or nt...

Last, do nt play so much computer u guys its really wasting alot of electricity and is nt good for your health..if ur still going to sit in front of the computer put more green stuff beside.. professionals say green is good for the eyes! and if ur free go do some exercise.. if nt maybe after the school holidays u will be like Eric or Yi min *no offence*

things tat is going to happen for me next week: training 2 sessions a day lasting for 3 weeks... staying at home doing ntg but sleeping resting tv-ing and computer-ing eating drinking bathing breathing smelling pee-ing poo-ing changing walking and siting and most of all talking and annoying others


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


-so sienZzzz

-This morning after training played many many many many games of dota with athlit they all, so fun.

-Last night help out YT with her mood prob...1st time see her mood bad till like tat de...
I'm glad tat i could help out...=)

-had a little chat wit wen cai... found out tat she cried many times for: 2@12, clement and the others who are leaving... wen cai, dun cry adi lar..

this friday maybe going to go care4 for bowling.. but so little ppl comfirm go i dun think i wanna go leh.. haih.. see 1st lar.. maybe i wun go de lar.. cause i dun quite like to play bowling de...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008



Monday, November 10, 2008

memorable day of my life~~

Today is the last day of clement will be in smkss. I'm sure everyone will miss him, espiecially me and gareth... He's such a nice guy.. thought me many many many things, dunno how am i goin to carry on schooling without him around... Clement's the kind of ppl who cares more for other ppl than him self.. no matter wat prob ur in he'll try to solve it together..I've known him since standard 2. So sad today... jz cant accept it that he's gonna leave us...haih...


yerr... u saw me cry adi...
hahas these are the words she told me

After the heart breaking class video.. really hope next year i have chance to study in the same class wit u all!!! I also hope mern jo will still have the chance to study in 3@12.. if cant then maybe the 2 of us can study in the same class...xDDDD

Spend the last few periods playin the last game of football wit clement.... mark my word... I'm GOONA MISS YOU FOREVER

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Same old borin sundayssssss~~ *something new*

Whew~ wat a borin day it is...

Electric break down in the morning

central so many things my mum bought....

watch 'We Were Soldiers' again again and again.. best movie ever....

miss you so much...

Arsenal beat Manchester United 2-1

played 6 games of dota in GG today... so damn fun xDDDD

new way of writing blog.... comments pls... thx thx =)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Had fun today!!!

We had a farewell for Clement and a lunch party with Pn. Norhaya. We all had GREAT fun...xDDD Till nw i only noticed tat clement is nt a good cake cutter haha~

3 & 4 period we went to blog G to practise the stupid signiture clap thingi..Zzz its a waste of time leh.. KETUA din even come oso..Wing Ming toke over cause he always was the 'asistant leader of the clap thing' 2@11 sure win geh la.. the all clap + sing wor..

Then after recess everyone went to the pak there to watch a slide show of our class.. in the end the stupid sistem in the comp cant support the file..WTF So, everybody went back to class to attend the award ceremony lorh... haih.. i take geh awards ' most preverted, most noisy ' all oso nt positive geh... but my dad said nt prevent geh boy all oso nt boy lei geh haha... wencai oso is the most preverted girl in class.. i guess we same same gua...xDDDDD

* Lazy too write more detail...^^*